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    The Fair attracted well-known personalities. Celebrities could be seen in many of the parades, receptions and special events held during the Fair.

    Thousands saw William H. Taft, United States Secretary of War, as he spoke at the Fair's Opening Day ceremonies. His speech followed music provided by well-known composer John Phillip Sousa and his band.

    The Pike also featured other popular celebrities. For a small fee, fairgoers could visit exhibits and meet Apache Chief, Geronimo or Eskimo, Nancy Columbia.

    Japan, the Philippines, China, Germany, and Russia were just a few of the countries that were represented at the Fair by high-ranking officials.

    During their visits to the Fair, many of these dignitaries participated in scientific congresses, were hosted at receptions or conducted business on behalf of their nation.

  • Kogoro Takahira, Japanese ambassador to the United States, at the Louisiana Purchase Exposition

    Ambassador Takahira attended the dedication of the Imperial Japanese Pavilion at the Louisiana Purchase Exposition on June 1, 1904.

  • Datto Fecundo and his whole party

    The Samal Moros--Muslim Filipinos--with their leader, Datto Fecundo, pose for their photograph in the Philippine reservation at the Louisiana Purchase Exposition. A group of thirty-two men, women and children in traditional dress are in the photograph. Some of the men hold shields and spears.

  • James W.S. Langerman, commissioner-general & special representative of the Sultan of Morocco

    Representative of the Sultan of Morocco to the Louisiana Purchase Exposition.

  • Ambassador Baron Speck von Sternberg and party watching Turners' exercises, German Day

    Many of the most distinguished Germans in the United States participated in German Day exercises October 5th at the World's Fair. 'This picture shows a party of them with Baron Speck von Sternberg, the German ambassador to the United States. Baron von Sternberg is the slight man in the center of the front row. The man on his left is Dr. Theodor Lewald, the German commissioner-general to the World's Fair. Carl Shurz (sic) is the elderly man in the center with gray beard. Others in the party are leading Germans of St. Louis and America.

  • His Highness the Prince of Bavaria, Box 54, and other spectators

    His Highness the Prince of Bavaria and friends viewed the Olympic Games from Box 54 at the Louisiana Purchase Exposition.

  • Antonio in war dress

    Fair-goers were fascinated by exotic clothing worn by peoples from around the world. In this picture the Igorot chief, Antonio, displays his native head-dress and jewelry.

  • Prince Esper Oukhtomsky

    Prince Esper Oukhtomsky, Viedemosti, St. Petersburg, Russia, was an officer of the World's Press Parliament held at the Louisiana Purchase Exposition, May 19, 20 and 21, 1904.

  • Theodore Roosevelt, the twenty-sixth president of the United States

  • Laughing Ben Ellington

    Old 'Laiughing Ben' Ellington was an entertainer whose laughter was contagious. He allegedly celebrated his 100th birthday while performing at the Fair.

  • Mayor Harrison with group of Fair officials at Illinois building, Louisiana Purchase Exposition

    The Illinois building was the scene of a great many state functions, but there was probably never a larger or more enthusiastic crowd there than that which was gathered Chicago Day. Mayor Harrison with President Francis and Mayor Wells made a tour of the grounds, after which they drove to the Illinois building, where they were welcomed by the citizens from both cities.

  • Geronimo

    Geronimo and a select party of his people form the Apache community in the Department of Anthropology. Geronino stayed at the Fair for six months.

  • M. Michael Lagrave, French commissioner general, speaking for foreign exhibitors, opening ceremonies

  • M.C. Sheridan receiving discus trophy from I.S. Taylor

    Martin Sheridan, an Irish imigrant, became one of the greatest athletes of the early 20th century, 'setting several world discus records, winning nine Olympic medals (five gold), and three times winning the AAU title in the all-around championship.'

    Martin C. Sheridan, G.N.Y.I.A.A., won the discus throw at 128 feet, 10.5 inches, in the 1904 Olympics at the Louisiana Purchase Exposition. R.W. Rose, Chicago, was second; N.P. Georgantas, Athens, Greece, third.

  • Opening day. Secretary Taft delivering his address

    Exposition President David R. Francis addressed a huge crowd from the dais at the north side of the Louisiana Purchase Monument on April 30, 1904. United States Secretary of War, William H. Taft, represented President Theodore Roosevelt at the Opening day ceremonies.

  • Pres. Roosevelt leaving mansion of Pres. Francis on Dedication Day

  • Nancy Columbia, Esquimaux girl

    Nancy Columbia was born at the 1893 Columbian Exposition in Chicago. She was given her name by Mrs. Potter Palmer, president of the Board of Lady Managers at the Chicago world's fair.

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