Cooling Lagoons

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    The rippling waters of the Grand Basin and its connected lagoon system wound around many of the palaces. On a hot day in St. Louis the mile and a half tour by gondola and other watercraft around the lagoons were a popular diversion.

    The water used in the lagoons and Grand Basin circulated once every five hours.

  • South lagoon, from Grand Basin westward

  • Across the main lagoon

  • Beautiful and varied forms of architecture along west lagoon and Plaza of St. Anthony

  • Crystal enveiled Grand Basin, grand cascade and its fountains, Louisiana Purchase Exposition

    Looking down the cascades: 'We are looking down the cascades, and see the dozens of fountains playing. How the water seems to sparkle and dash, as the interlapping fountains weave the crystal veil through which we view the beautiful Grand Basin. Forty-five thousand gallons of water per minute are flowing over the great falls behind us, coursing beneath the walk uppon which we stand, spreading out and pouring into the grand lagoon ahead of us. ... A half mile beyond us stands that graceful column, the Louisiana Purchase Monument.'

  • East lagoon and landscape effects

    Looking across the east lagoon, the Palace of Mines and Metallurgy appears on the left, with the German Pavilion in the background. Across from Mines and Metallurgy is the Palace of Education.

  • Grand Basin and St. Louis Plaza from Festival Hall and the Cascades

    One of the favorite views of the Louisiana Purchase Exposition, it looks toward the Louisiana Purchase Monument in St. Louis Plaza.

  • Grand Basin looking towards Festival Hall

    The Grand Basin was part of a lagoon system, with the lagoon to the south of the Grand Basin encircling the Palace of Education; that to the north encircling the Palace of Electricity.

  • Grand lagoon

    On front of postcard: 'Send to REGAL SHOE CO. ... for free map of St. Louis, complete diagram and bird's-eye view of Exposition grounds, and list of hotels, boarding houses, etc. Those desiring, can send mail care of the Regal Store, St. Louis, Mo., where will be found stationery, etc., free, for use.'

  • Head of Grand Basin, its fountains and four exhibits palaces from balcony of west pavilion

  • Lagoon from Art Hill

    The lagoon system of the World's Fair is in the shape of a figure 8 with the Grand Basin forming its center and the crossing point of the circles.

  • Palace of Transportation (east end) and novel pleasure launches, World's Fair, St. Louis, U.S.A.

    These fantastic pleasure boats are electric launches in which you may go sailing through the lagoons.

  • South lagoon, from Grand Basin eastward

  • South lagoon, from Grand Basin westward

  • Venice in America : picturesque gondolas on basin before Festival Hall, World's Fair, St. Louis

  • Waterworks pumping station : the Louisiana exhibition 1904, St. Louis, Mo.

  • Weird beauty of electric lights on Liberal Arts building, reflected in the lagoon, World's Fair

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