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    Fair-goers of all ages loved watching parades wind through the Fairgrounds.

    On official days such as Dedication Day, Opening Day and Independence Day, thousands of people gathered to enjoy special festivities. Bands, military groups, members of professional and recreational organizations and celebrities marched, rode or drove through the fairgrounds. Some parades were held in boats on the lagoons.

    Often the parades included floats or animals decorated with flowers.

  • Floral parade of all nations

  • Children of All Nations parade, Louisiana Purchase Exposition

    Children in residence at the Louisiana Purchase Exposition took part in the parade on Children's Day, August 2, 1904. This picture shows the parade, just entering the Plaza of St. Louis. The great equestrian statue is The Apotheosis of St. Louis. The Palace of Varied Industries is shows beyond the Plaza with Intramural Railroad Station no. 1 beside it. The buildings whose roofs appear on the right are along the Pike.

  • Crowds at the Sunday School parade on St. Louis Day

    One of the most conspicuous sights on St. Louis Day was the tens of thousands of Sunday School children, who marched through the Plaza of St. Louis, each one waving his flag and all singing and shouting.

  • Cummin's Indians pass single file up the Louisiana Way, Louisiana Purchase Exposition

    Cummins Wild West Show occupies a prominent position on the north side of the Pike, near its center.

  • Decorative float in parade

  • Group of Indians participate in Parade of Children of All Nations

    Children of the Sioux, Chippewas, Apaches and other American Indians participated in the Parade of All Nations given for the children of St. Louis at the World's Fair. TThe view is taken on the Model Street with the Kansas City Casino in the background. The high tower in the distance is the station of the DeForest Wireless Telegraph Company.

  • Opening day of horse show. Parade on the Pike

    The Grand Blooded Horse Show parade took place on August 23, 1904. Registered animals representing twenty breeds took part. The parade was reviewed by David R. Francis, president of the Louisiana Purchase Exposition Company, Col. Charles F. Mills, chief of the Live Stock Department, and other officials.

  • Opening day parade on Administration Avenue

    Parade of peoples of the Pike marches on Administration Avenue on Opening day, April 30, 1904.

  • Participating in the parade

    A float in one of the many parades at the Louisiana Purchase Exposition.

  • Postal clerks' union passing Varied Industries bldg., St. Louis Day, Louisiana Purchase Exposition

    Following the letter carriers in the St. Louis Day parade came the postal clerks. We are looking up the Louisiana Way, from the southwest corner of the Plaza of St. Louis, main gondola landing. At our right, and beyond, stands that wonderful exhibit palace Varied Industries. ... The many hundred postal clerks here shown are from the St. Louis Post Office.

  • Spectators watch Parade of All Nations from sunken gardens

    For the entertainment of children on their first free admission day, the World's Fair management gave a parade of all nations.

  • U.S. mail clerks parade at L.P. monument, St. Louis Day, Louisiana Purchase Exposition

    Clerks employed in the post offices of the Unitd States celebrated Sept. 7th as their day at the World's Fair with exercises and a parade. Each clerk wore a white blouse and white cap.

  • Veterans Engine House parades through the fair

    Parades were held almost daily during the Exhibition with many visitors turning out to witness military groups, bands, equestrian groups, and floats.

  • Water parade on Transportation Day

    Transportation Day, July 30, 1904, at the Louisiana Purchase Exposition was celebrated first with a water parade. In the afternoon, a land parade, starting at the Transportation Building, displayed all manners of transportation from ox teams to automobiles.

  • West Point cadets on parade, Plaza, World's Fair, St. Louis, 1904

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