Inviting the World

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    Members of the Fair's press and publicity staff played an active role in getting the Fair's message out to the world.

    Articles about the Fair appeared in publications around the world. Many journalists received invitations to visit St. Louis and experience the Fair.

    Fair-goers also helped advertise the Fair. During their visits, many bought brightly colored souvenirs and daily programs. They took them home for friends and family who, after seeing them, decided a visit to the Fair was a must.

  • Pat a cake, pat a cake, a baker's man. He heard of the Fair and away he ran ...

    A Hannerty idea.

  • Advertisement : Souvenirs of the Exposition and St. Louis

  • Fair Japan, the most popular as well as most beautiful attraction on the Pike at the World's Fair

  • Great doings down in St. Louis today!!! : cartoon in the Chicago Herald, 1903-04-30

  • Pamphlet cover : Conventions and special meetings to be held in St. Louis in 1904

  • Pamphlet cover : Domestic exploitation, Louisiana Purchase Exposition, World's Fair, St. Louis, 1904

    The pamphlet contains a list of all appropriations in the interest of government, state, county and municipal participation, together with a list of authorized commissions representing the same.

  • Pamphlet cover : Exposicion universal, St. Louis, E.U. de A., 1904

  • Pamphlet cover : Souvenir book of the Lousiana Purchase Exposition : day and night scenes

  • Pamphlet cover : The best guide to St. Louis and the World's Fair

    Officially approved panoramic view of grounds and buildings. Street map of St. Louis, in colors, with street and street railroad guide. Official diagram of World's Fair with every building keyed.

  • Pamphlet cover : Universal exposition, 1904, St. Louis, U.S.A.

  • Pamphlet cover : World's Fair manual, with map of grounds and description of buildings

  • Program : Daily official program, World's Fair, Louisiana Purchase Exposition, St. Louis, 1904

    Daily program no. 139, Saturday, October 8, 1904.

  • Program back cover : Daily official program, World's Fair

    Daily program no. 139, Saturday, October 8, 1904

  • Program back cover : Official program Anglo-Boer War historical libretto, World's Fair, St. Louis

  • Take off your hat

    As the door is opened, the gentelman tips his hat.

  • Though into the labyrinth of failure, every scheme that you've planned has been hurled ...

    A Hannerty idea.

  • Ticket : Louisiana Purchase Exposition, St. Louis, 1904 : Press coupon pass, No. 34102

  • World's Fair Fraternal Builders Association : invitation to formal opening, 1904 June 4, St. Louis

    Members of fraternal organizations throughout the United States, responding to the World's Fair Temple of Fraternity Association, contributed to the construction, furnishing and maintenance of the Temple of Fraternity. The Temple provided meeting and resting places for lodge members and their families.

    The Temple also ran a dispensary under the direction of Dr. W.F. Callfas and his wife, a licensed medical practitioner, where some 4,200 patients were treated without charge. Another service provided by the Temple for a nursery.

    David R. Francis, president of the Louisiana Purchase Exposition Company, and officials from the Temple Association spoke at the its opening ceremonies on June 4, 1904.

  • World's Fair in brief

    Map of the United States showing the Louisiana Purchase of 1803 on the verso of card.

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