Watching the Babies Grow

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    Along with amusements, the Pike advertised scientific attractions. One such attraction was the Baby Incubator building. Here spectators saw babies being cared for as an example of progress in childcare.

    The premature babies came to the Fair from St. Louis area hospitals. Each baby was placed in an incubator and had a personal nurse. The incubator was a square metal-framed, glass-sided box. It maintained a temperature of ninety degrees with fresh air being constantly supplied.

    This attraction may have been considered scientific, but it was not free. Visitors to the Baby Incubator building paid 25 cents to enter it.

  • Front of baby incubator building

    The Baby Incubators were among the scientific concessions of the Pike. They were an actual demonstration of the progress that has been made in caring for the undeveloped baby. The incubators were square metal-framed, glass-sided boxes, in which the infant could be seen in its battle for life. A temperature of ninety degrees was maintained within the incubator, which was kept constantly supplied with fresh air. This interesting concession was organized and successfully managed by E.M. Bayliss.

  • F.W. Taylor's pass to the Baby Incubators exhibit

    Pass issued to F.W. Taylor and party.

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